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“I find success and joy in my life as a Networker and Spiritual Path Mentor.  Finding my purpose and bliss did not happen overnight.  I was motivated to do the work to get there.”

“I sold a thriving dance studio business I loved and had worked very hard to build because I knew I had learned all I could learn there.  So I listened to my mind and heart and took a look at Networking and greatly expanded my work as a Healer.”

Now, Marlo has a thriving private practice as a Spiritual Path Mentor and Intuitive for those  aspiring for more success or those wanting to improve any aspects their lives.  She works at the soul level, because “that is who we all are at the core.  Work at our source and all else follows.”

She is also the creator of the online Spiritual Mentoring Program, Vision and Voice. “Anyone who has found peace, success, and enlightenment has lived by what is in this program.”

Marlo is also active in leading a successful Networking team because it is the most effective way to help others source the financial goals they desire. “Networking is flexible and always yields successful returns when it is done by the right methods and uses time leveraging.”

Marlo is living her bliss in the mountains in Utah with her husband of 24 years, Rhett.  They are blessed with 5 children and a new daughter-in-law.

“The happiest people are those who step into the Hero’s Journey to have complete peace at the soul level and have the financial resources to follow their bliss with no worries. It is always a win-win.  Most people are ready for that.”

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