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“Everybody knows that to make money, you need the right avenue, the right people and the right skills
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– Marlo Andersen

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Everyone has emotions. It is false to believe that one can one: choose how they feel and two: that just forgetting about it, thinking positively or just “letting it go” can solve it.  Those are all mental tricks we set up that temporarily bury the emotional energy.

Yes, it works for a while, even years, and one may think they are “over it”. But the energy of the emotion is still in the body. This leaves the person a walking time bomb. And one day unexpectedly, the emotion is triggered in some way, the emotion explodes and the person is left feeling defeated  and thinks they should “know better” or say “I thought I was over that, what’s wrong with me!” Someone who seems to be always in an emotional crisis is being triggered on a continual basis. In either case, if severe and left unresolved, this can lead to crisis, broken relationships and physical pain.

Until the residual energy (the emotion) of the event or trauma is dealt with, it will always remain in the body, draining the body of vital energy. The person is literally carrying around a load of negative energy like carrying around a big sack of rocks. (Most people don’t even know what it’s like to not have the load.)  No amount of talking through the details of the event that caused the emotions will release the emotion, neither does clearing the mind, meditating, etc.  What must first happen is the mental construct one created to bury and avoid the emotion in the first place must be dealt with. Then one can effectively release the energy/ emotion and move to greater health and peace.

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