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I have always loved writing content… well almost always.  I actually only started enjoying writing when I had a passion for what I writing.  I had started my own business…and yes, was I dedicated! I would sit for hours and days and weeks to get my website and  print material just right.

One of the bigger moments of my business life that  tested my determination came through writing.

I had spent my ENTIRE summer writing content for my new website- working on optimizing the site for SEO, making it flow, reaching my target audience to reflect my personal convictions about my service, etc. I had also spent A LOT of time on a mailing piece (also my first one ever)  and had partnered with another business in the piece. I paid a lot of money and had the mailer set to launch on a specific day.

I also had a huge 2 weeks at fair booths planed as a follow up and call to action from the mailer.  An open house to follow the booths was the last piece. All of this was set to launch and I needed my brand new website for all of this to be effective and look professional.

I had hired someone to program my new wordpress website. I sent him all of my content and the night before the mailers were to hit the homes…POOF-IT ALL DISAPPEARED. He claimed he had no idea of what I was talking about- he didn’t even understand what I meant by “content”.

My head spinning, my heart sinking, and all but seeing the galaxy imploding, I thought

1. I can run down the street with my arms flailing and scream insanity.

2. I could quit and say this is a sign from God.

3. I could sit down, now 11:00pm and start writing what took me all summer, all over again in one night.

I chose the 3rd option. That content may not have been as perfect and polished as the first, but it was fresh, real and raw and what I ended up using on that website for years to come.

It is currently 1:40 am. I am NOT a night person, have an early morning with my companies big convention  and here I am writing content for a blog that I may not even need.  I think this is showing me that this writing thing may be kinda my thing.

It’s late, I’m exhausted, but I can say- this is fresh, real and it’s REALLY raw.

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