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You are already
perfect & beautiful.
Everyone is just working
on becoming more complete.

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The purpose of life is to evolve spiritually. And by the very act of living, we are all spiritually evolving, learning, and growing- becoming more complete.

With spiritual evolution comes more peace, joy, wisdom, happy relationships, compassion, and purpose.  Trauma, insecurities, regret, guilt, shame, fear is healed.

We are all on our own unique learning paths- the one we chose and are choosing everyday.  Some evolutionary paths are efficient and some are inefficient.  Everyone will experience the life lessons required for their own personal evolution. You cannot avoid the lessons- what many people do is avoid the process to transcend them. Thus getting the same lesson, in whatever form, over and over- and even with more pressure over time.  Evolution is slower.

Some people are willing to do their work, transcend their life lessons and find light at the end of the tunnel as the result. Life has more meaning, joy and fulfillment.

So what we have is a choice: How fast do we want to evolve spiritually? Do we want to choose the path of walking barefoot on broken glass, take the moving sidewalk, ride in a car, take the train, or a jet plane? This is our call. Do we want to learn one or two lessons in a lifetime or do we want to transcend our trials taking us to greater happiness, wisdom and meaningful relationships.

Many people have abuse histories, neglect or abandonment issues.  A word to you if you are in this category- you are perfect and beautiful. While the pain is real, healing is also real.

I am a certified Healing Key Way practitioner and support this work as a trained genuine Vogel crystal healer, intuitive, and certified emotional release facilitator.  I do not diagnose or treat and work strictly in a spiritual capacity.

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