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Way far off in Yala-kazot,

there was a small circle and inside a dot.

The dot danced around, but soon she felt bored

with nothing to conquer, and nothing explored.


With all of her courage and all of her might

she pushed out the circle no matter the fight.

The circle grew larger and more exciting each day.

The fresh air made her strong and happy to play.

Dot and Speck Happy

But, way far off in Yala-kazeck

there was a small circle and inside a speck.

The speck danced around but never saw more.

She was content to never explore.


She stayed in her cramped circle and never looked out.

Never was curious what the world was about.

Her muscles grew weak and the circle stayed small.

The air became stale,  she found no joy at all.

Dot and Speck Unhappy

So what can we learn from the dot and the speck

from Yala-kazot and Yala-kazeck?

See, if we stay in our comfort and never go stretch.

We will die an old grumpy, or even a wretch.


But if we take courage and seek for more life,

Expand our circle and push through the strife.

We find joy in our mind, our soul and our heart.

Each breath is a blessing, and each day a new start!


I loved this week in the Masterkeys about a metaphor of staying in our comfort zone versus pushing our circle out.   If you take notice of those that are willing to get out of their comfort zone, they are invariably happier people from those that live in fear and play it “safe”.

The evidence is great when spending time with an older person.  Senior living centers are great places to visit.  Are they positive and bright?  Or crabby and sour?  A few questions about their life will give you great insight as to how they lived their lives… as a dot or as a speck!






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