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“Ehhh”  doesn’t make a sound- it is only felt.

“Ehhh” can be subtle, elusive and slippery.  Transient and barely tangible.

It escapes the preoccupied or unbending mind.

Or “Ehhh” can be barefaced.  It can pronounce itself in a glaring, indisputable shock wave.


“Ehhh” tells us something is “off”.

It is part of our inner guidance system to inspire us to look in another direction, to choose another way.

Mistakes, regrets, and disharmony result in not listening to it.

Joy, success and peace is the reward for heeding its rescuing message.


It is given to everyone, but is witnessed only by those willing to acknowledge it-

Those who are willing to take the risk of a change, be it big or small create a future self who realizes their goals, dreams and beyond.


The times that prove the most difficult being when it “makes no sense”.

Am I crazy?


However,  if you take the time to stop and check for an “ehhh” you WILL find your direction, your path, and ultimately be led to your grand purpose.

Have you had any “ehhh’s” lately?


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