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Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings and Unworthiness are emotions most of us wish to avoid.

However, what if these feelings were actually a GIFT?

What if we could transmute these feelings into something positive, and use them as magnificent TOOLS?


AND what if there was something wonderful in us that gave us those feelings?

I for instance, had a ground breaking experience with this this week.  I have seen an obvious pattern in my life of PILING too much on my plate.  I say, “Ya, I can do that!  Bring it on! I want that!”  Then I feel a bit of UNWORTHINESS for not being able to get it all accomplished.

So how can I use unworthiness as a tool to advance my Definite Major Purpose in life?

My Masterkeys lesson?…

1. Overfilling your plate is ego driven (and I thought I was just high energy and ambitious…wink) and a DISTRACTION to avoid finding your purpose… ahhhhh -the very thing I am working for- ironic.

unworthiness plate

2.We ARE worthy of having anything we want , just not worthy of having everything we want. What??  Yes!! Life is just not long enough for everything that looks good.

So what does a Red personality like me do about it?

3.  ACCEPT that everything that is not part of my Definite Major Purpose is NOT MINE….hmmm- that’s a big one.

4. USE THE EMOTION OF UNWORTHINESS and transmute it to HUMILITY.  Then have the humility to know what I should do in life and let go of the rest- another big one.

Unworthiness- let go

Seems simple, but when it is real and experiential-  you are digging deep.

I am grateful to have learned this week through the Masterkeys.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!!

One more little nugget:

Guilt shows you have a moral compass. It is also is a gift to show us that we already KNOW what to do- we just not doing it. Pray and ask “What am I afraid of?”

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