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There once lived a shoemaker, humble and neat.

Each day he created shoes, for needy feet.

Each day he reached for the leather and glue.

Each day he made shoes and nothing was new.


A fairy breezed in, magnificent and bright.

She possessed golden wings that produced their own light,

She had this beauty, this feature, this truly inspiring mark.

However, she donned no feet…  and the difference was stark.


She had stubs that stopped where feet otherwise go,

Born with no heels, no arches, no soles, not one toe.

She asked the cobbler to fashion beautiful tall boots,

So she could feign feet-  as her own attribute.


So the cobbler reached for the leather and glue.

He made the same boots that he already knew.

Like everyone else now, she matched THEIR stride.

She greeted the world in ego and false pride.


She no longer flew and her wings forgot flight.

They no longer shone with their natural light,.

She could no longer soar high and go up to see

the private creation of her true destiny.


She stayed in the fog, way down below

where the people with feet had little choice but to go.

Looking down, she ho-hummed as she saw her false feet.

She saw her limp wings and felt lifeless and beat.


She had a sudden spark – a whimsy, a thought.

She discovered how to be the Authentic Self she sought.

She asked the cobbler to create some wings.

He did- and they were marvelous things.


So now instead of boots and the mirage to conform

She has two sets of wings, very opposite the norm…

See, she put more wings where before she tried boots.

She ACCENTED HER GIFTS, her God-given loot.


She is the ONLY ONE with wings and the freedom to plan,

She tried springs and jets, as with the absence of feet- SHE CAN!

Stubs are her fate, her purpose, her chance

to shine her TRUE LIGHT, and dance her own dance.

We all have more creative genius inside of us, waiting to inspire the world.

I wrote this poem out of inspiration for people that have been born with what we would call a physical limitation, like missing a limb like the inspirational Aimee Mullins. In the most obvious ways, she decided to not let her missing lower legs stop her from becoming an athlete. Not that that is not enough, but she created more than that.

She leveraged her challenge to inspire more greatness.

Marlo Andersen Your Authentic Self

She turned into an unique asset through her creativity. At first she got prosthetics that mimicked human legs.  She could make herself as tall that day as she liked.  Her friends commenting how “unfair” it was that she could choose her height by the length of the false lower legs.


Then Aimee let herself create and inspire her life in a new way.

Marlo Andersen Inspire and Create

She decided to have legs made that were forms of art.

Doing what those of us with lower legs of flesh cannot do. Aimee was not only a top athlete, but became a fashion model on runway with top models around the globe. She created her life by and through what would have otherwise been seen as limitation. The “limitation” was actually an asset and strength.




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The truth is, there is no such thing as a limitation, only an angle for a creative solution.  The concept of limits is a man made illusion.  Although I am 5’9″,  I have a family line of “little people”.   My grandmother was 4’4″, my aunt was even several inches smaller than that.  The interesting thing was I never knew it until I got old enough to notice that I was taller and still a child.  The reason I never knew was because it was not an issue.  It was never an excuse for not being able to do anything.

As an adult my grandmother once said- one of the rare times she brought up her smallness- that she had no idea why her condition was considered a handicap in the public or medical view.  She did everything tall people did and then some, including creating and operating her own store front  business.   My aunt lived the same way.  She was active in local politics, always ran her own successful business and ran for mayor.

We are limitless in our abilities to create.

We are by our very nature creative beings.  We create our day and our lives.

For a moment, think of something in your life that you may feel is a limitation.  How might that actually be a catalyst for your genius?  How might it give you ideas or motivation for change? How might it be the very thing you have in your hands to inspire your purpose in life? Hiding in plain sight.

If this seems too hard to do, then think of it this way. If we are going to have a difficulty in life, then we might as well make the choice to make the difficulty the thing that will improve our lives in inspiring our purpose.  When we make the decision to create our lives, nothing is difficult any longer. It is exciting.

Just because you have never seen yourself one way, does not mean that is not who you are. Deciding to look for and be open to inspire yourself and create a new way will cause it to begin to unfold before you. Instead of saying , “I am not talented enough” say, “I have all the talents I need and more. I am continually uncovering  more.” Instead of saying, “I am not smart enough, this is the way I am.” say, “I have all the skills and information needed to fulfill my dreams.” Because the truth is, you do.

As a spiritual mentor and healer in the private sector,  I am soon launching an online program called “Your Authentic Self.”  In this I cover the 21 Keys on the path to finding your Authentic Purpose and Authentic Self, bringing the listeners more peace, meaning and happiness in their lives that i see my private clients enjoy.  This inspired program teaches you how to transcend old, unproductive patterns and how to create a new life full of rich experiences, happy relationships and true success- at a core level.

It is my hope that you inspire yourself today to create something new- a new way of looking at the miracle you were created to be.




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