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Humbled and honored to be highlighted by millionaire Self Development and MLM success truth-sayer,

Mark Januszewski, in his article “7 Factors in Going from Rags to Riches in MLM” in the review of the study by Peter Han, [a Harvard grad], entitled “Nobodies to Somebodies.” It’s the result of interviewing over 100 ‘Nobodies’ who became ‘Somebodies.’ The beautiful thing is that the PRINCIPLES APPLY to every ENTREPRENEUR.


Mark provides an insightful quiz to measure where we are in our execution of the proven 7 factors. When working in business, there is always something to learn. No one is ever done improving. Whether you are an “hundred-aire” or a millionaire taking 5 minutes to take the quiz will take you to greater success.

Here is a sneak peek of #4 and #6 in the list of the 7 common factors all people execute who have succeeded in their business.

I have seen over and over when someone is indecisive, progress suffers greatly or one loses out completely. Choose and move forward, course correcting along the way. There are no wrong decisions, because we learn from everything we do.

“4. Pragmatic Decision-Making Processes in Business

Marlo Andersen MLM

Marlo Andersen

Rags-to-riches types are decisive and those decisions, for the most part, are not emotional ones.

Oh, they get emotionally involved AFTER…..but are detached while making decisions. Marvelous woman, Mom of 5, from Salt Lake, that I met through the MasterKeyExperience, is so good at this, she now teaches it.

Marlo Andersen does succeed … be it a dance studio, MLM, or an online information product because she makes decisions unemotionally, pragmatically.

How about you?

Do you get off the phone with reps who just want to gab and make lots of calls to people not in the business or do you stay on the phone….gab for a while and then blame??

Do you ‘decide’ on a plan and execute <><><> or sort of let the day ‘flow’?

People that decide tend to make things happen… Are you decisive?”

Coping with insecurities is something ALL successful business folk do. It would be a huge misconception to think that even the most prominent business leaders have not had to deal with insecurities. Those in MLM know that overcoming our own insecurities is the only option to being able to help others overcome their own fears. And in MLM, helping and leading others to success empowers them to do the same for even more people. Someone who can empower someone else to succeed is the epitome of a true leader.

“6. Coping With Insecurities — and Using Them for Motivation for Success

Insecure? It happens. Use it to inspire yourself

The 100 leaders did not sail through work and life without doubts…..and man did that make me feel better.

Many of the 100 shared stories of early uncertainty; anxiety before big meetings and self doubt.

Look, they knew what you know……the work is not hard, but it is hard getting it going, running a family and, really it’s lonely work.

It’s you and the phone.

Self Doubt happens to everyone. Use it to motivate.

Self Doubt happens to everyone. Use it to motivate.

What I’ve done over the years is decide that when I was “feeling” insecure I’d convince myself that “this is where others quit” and quitters never find out if success was possible. All the these “Nobodies to Somebodies” dealt with it in a different way but THEY DEALT with it… embraced it and worked with it, leveraged it to their advantage.

The 100 rags to riches peeps seemed to find a way to ‘motivate’ themselves with these feelings, not be overcome by them.

How do you know?


If you are not making calls to prospects, 40 to 50 dials, 3x to 5x a week… you’ve quit and just not told yourself.

Sorry. It’s got to be said. Anything less than 150 dials a week, minimum is a sure fire sign of someone who is being ruled by insecurity.”

Not following through on the prime action that ultimately drives one’s business is a sure fire way to get real with ourselves. My favorite part from Mark in there- “You’ve quit and just not told yourself.” Those who are determined to succeed really appreciate knowing, look it straight in the eye and make changes. It’s not personal and today is our gift to make what we want a reality.

I encourage everyone who is out there working to lead and succeed to read the article and take the quiz. Please, leave a comment on your experience with the quiz. We improve what we can measure. Those that measure performance are going to win because they are those that go the extra mile. And the best news for those willing to do it- there is much less traffic on the extra mile.

CLICK BELOW to read the full deal and take the business success “Rags to Riches” quiz:

Mark Januszewski- 7 Factors in Going from Rags to Riches in MLM




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