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Our will is a most prized possession. No one can take away our thoughts. Throughout history, those who are hungry for power and control have tried – and still try to control others. You can see it everywhere. While on the outside, the motive may be anywhere from benevolent to sinister – however it is the same principle that it being violated. And while the motive may seem pure or evil, it isĀ  coming from the same root which is fear. Fear motivates someone to try to control someones elses thoughts, coerce them by mental power, or compel them to do things in their way.

The same point comes with prayer. We pray for others. We pray for their health, for them to get a job, for them to rise from an impending death bed, for them to “see the light” and stop their foolishness. While these are positive outcomes and relieve mortal pain, it may not be what is best for their personal spiritual journey, and while it may look like a less efficient road riddled with suffering, or at best inconvenience.

What we must pray for is their best outcome– whatever that may be. For if a prayer is answered and a circumstance is lifted, we could be potentially stealing from them a grand opportunity for growth in their experience. It is our fear that we do not want to see a person suffer. If we had the entire picture, as does God, we would not fret and try to control a situation by force of our thoughts or by our prayers.

I am not saying to not pray for others. That is is a heavenly thing to do. I am saying it is the Right Way to pray for the best outcome for your loved one. That is IF this may be in their highest good to have the relief or the blessing ask for that in your prayer for them. However, ultimately to hold love for them, hold space for them and know that God has the larger picture and ask Angles to assist the person for their highest good and LET GO of the outcome. That is real belief. That is the highest love and the proper use of our will.

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