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The Jester and the Soul Mate

The jester had focus.  He spent his day on making people laugh… and he did it well. He was very popular with the King, the Queen and all the folks in the castle. He often went down to the town square and such with the purpose to give his talents to the people of the town, and he did so freely.  He had nothing to complain about. However, even with the focus of his talents and his popularity, he felt a loneliness, a dissatisfaction… a certain void. He yearned for something higher he could feel.  He wasn’t quite sure what that was, he just knew it was missing.  He searched for ways to find it- to fill the void- with little return.  Life felt flat and often disconnected.

keeping his focus on her…

One day in the town square when he was doing a most superb job of using his talents to make people laugh and try to forget their troubles, when he saw someone whisk by out the of corner of his eye. In all the business and commotion of the crowd, If he hadn’t been aware, he would have missed her. Not wanting to lose her and keeping his focus on her, he stopped his work with the purpose to follow.

He would never see life’s purpose the same way again…

She was beautiful beyond any measure he could describe. Her movements looked like liquid inspiration. He knew if he took just one drop into his soul, he would never see himself,  life’s purpose or the world the same way again.

His body could feel her voice as she spoke…

The jester came into her presence.  His body could feel her voice as she spoke.  Her voice itself- just the vibration of it- made it’s way into corners of himself he did not know existed. A rush of warmth found focus through his veins.  His very blood was in unison with the tempo of the ocean waves. The air going in and out of his lungs was the same breath happening with every living beast now or ever.

There was deep purpose in the  brevity of the timelessness…

She happened to turn and as he made brief eye contact with her.  In her eyes he could see the past, present and future as one moment.  There was something so profoundly familiar.  Time let go to timelessness. Space morphed into eternity.  All energy was effortless. There was deep purpose. This gave him the gift  to focus on the knowledge that everything he was searching for had already been inside of him.  He was himself… he was her.

It didn’t matter what happened next… with her or with anything else.  Because in that one very brief moment, he understood his connection to Source,  he knew God.

How Soul Mates are vital to our purpose and life’s focus.

All too often we can spend our energy and focus on good, but foolish or at least, less wise pursuits.  This happens as we just move forward with out intention, purpose or mindfulness.   Occasionally there will be a person, with whom we cross paths, or with whom we spent our entire lives- it doesn’t matter- that show us that there is more happening than anything mundane can attempt explain.

These special people wake us up…

This person or people, our soul mates, inspire us to focus more deeply on ourselves, our purpose, our talents and the direction of our lives. These special soul mates wake us up. And for some, they inspire us to understand that we are more than just our outward identity. We are divine and beautiful and designed for greatness.  It is our purpose to evolve.

Who are our Soul Mates?

When we hear the term “Soul  Mates”, many of us focus solely on a romantic relationship. This is too the case, but a very narrow description.  Our Soul Mates are also our family members, friends, mentors, students,  business partners and even our “enemies”.  One job of a Soul Mate is to show us what we can improve  in our lives. They give us inspiration and can be people who understands us.  Or it could be occasionally someone who shows up that makes life really hard, but through the struggle we have the opportunity to choose to focus on growth.

Soul Mates Show us our Weaknesses and our Strengths

A high level Soul Mate can show you all that is wonderful and strong in you and also where it is you need to focus to improve.  It can make some of us run from these people, be distant or shunning. It is difficult to see your weaknesses in bright lights shining right in front of your eyes. However, this is a tremendous gift.  Finding the courage and humility to want to transcend a weakness it one of the most beautiful attributes of being human.

How many Soul Mates do we have?

We all have hundreds of Soul Mates at differing levels. However, a few are key players.  They can show up at different times in our lives- precisely when they are needed for a specific purpose in our lives- and for theirs.  There is no need to focus on bringing one into our lives. If we are living with intention to progress and grow, they will be there.

Another Huge Purpose

We are all powerfully connected. Any and all separation from each other and from Source is an illusion.  We are especaily connected to our Soul Mates. Those with whom you feel an instant attraction in friendship (it just works), in mental conversation, or when you look into your baby’s eyes is a soul mate connection.  Sometimes, the recognition can be slower, but the lesson is there.  A gift a Soul Mate can give is you understanding yourself in relation to your Higher Power.  If you have found a Soul Mate like this, you are on the right path.


Taking the opportunity to reflect and recognize how special Soul Mates have influenced us and thanking  them – in person or in our hearts if they are no longer living or available- strengthens us all.  In the gratitude, we are propelled into a higher sphere, are capable of giving more and thus capable of receiving more.  Our perspective is enlarged, life is more beautiful and full of opportunity and joy as we see the bigger picture.

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