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A friend gave me 3 small bottles of essential oils: lavender, lemon and peppermint.  I had no idea how to use essential oils.  I hid them on a shelf in my kitchen.  Loving the smell of the lemon, I would frequently get it out and put some on my wrist-  but only when my husband wasn’t looking! ha… I didn’t know if he would think essential oils were as odd as I did. (We laugh so much about that now!)


Later down the road, I started using a few different essential oils for hormonal support. I boldly put the bottles on my bed stand and used them faithfully each night- just a few drops on the soles of my feet.  Odd or not, I was going to try it!  The results were so powerful, testable and tangible.

At the time, I had founded and was running a dance studio of which I was extremely passionate. I had worked tremendously hard business-wise and artistically to make it the success it was. I loved my dancers, staff, teachers, the parents and the creative process.  I also had an office and was seeing clients one on one for Emotional Release. I had my life all set, or so I thought.

One day in a prayer, I received a surprise message to “do doTerra“.  What did that mean? The message came in my mind 3 times a day consistently for 2 1/2 months! I could not deny it.

I was eventually told that if I wanted to be on the path to reach my highest potential for myself in service to others I needed to change course. That meant release the studio and begin this new career in network marketing to share the healing power of essential oils.

However, after MUCH soul searching and help (and repeatedly getting nauseous and needing to sit down at the thought of selling the studio) I knew deep down it was right. I enthusiastically took that leap of faith and began in network marketing to share essential oils. I told my husband and 5 children about my decision and they supported me with their hearts.

FullSizeRender-104-300x300Through that decision has come results, people and opportunities I never dreamed were possible.  It all came down to a willingness to listen and the desire to live the most full, on purpose life available.

When have you felt you have been led a certain direction and made a bolder choice- or not?  Are you in the midst of a decision or having questions right now?

I would love to hear about it.

If I may, I can assist you to “Connect the Dots” by the use of the essential oils, by joining me in this home-based business or becoming a private client in my Healing Key Way work.

I have a hunch, if you have read this far, one or more of those just might be the perfect fit for you. Just saying.

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