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My oldest friend is 106 years old.  Each time I visit her, it’s as if she lays out a blanket of sweetness in front of me to sit on. The conversation is fun as she starts to talk about all she has seen in her life and what she is doing now.

However, the most significant parts of our positive conversation that I treasure the most are her secrets to longevity.  She says first and foremost for a happy, long life she feels love for others. That love literally gives her life, fills her up and is like food for the mind, body and soul.  The other part of love is receiving it.  Allowing herself to feel the love of others and having the trust and humility to know that God is working through her and others when love is both given and received is her master secret to longevity.

Only entertaining positive thoughts, never allowing self-pity, and staying actively engaged in a good work drives her life. I have never heard a negative word out of her mouth, only words that are positive, loving and optimistic. And even with her poor eye site, she continues to write letters to family and loves to knit gifts she gives away daily.  She also adds not to take yourself too seriously- learn to laugh at yourself.

The other day, she asked me if I would ever want to be 106 year old and want to know the secret to longevity.  Anxiously waiting for her reply, she simply said, “Love others and allow yourself to feel the love of others, see God working in  everyone and you will.”

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