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Many people travel far off to enroll in the Talent School.  At Talent School, each student discovers a new magical talent.  Everyone there is special.

Alora opens her hands to reveal colorful butterflies.  Peter can speak to all the lovely creatures in the land.  Hans can see in clear, glorious detail for miles away.

Make it rain- butterfly

Everyone is amazing… everyone but Priscilla.  All she could do was whistle.

“I don’t belong here,” she said to herself.

So she just sat quietly, all to herself in Talent Class and never made a sound.  She never whistled- not even one little blow.

Then one day Priscilla approached the Head Instructor of at the Talent School, Miss Bee.  Miss Bee was fascinating.  She could bend her body every which way and dance any dance.

make it rain dancer

“I don’t belong here,” Priscilla told Miss Bee, “I am leaving Talent School.”

“Just show me your talent and you will see you belong here as much as anyone else.” said the beautiful and very bendy Miss Bee.

“All I can do is whistle…” she thought.  But not wanting to be rude,  Priscilla let out a little whistle.  It was smooth as butter and had a nice ring.  She let out another, and this time it vibrated a more lovely tone.

make it rain- whistle

She tried a third time, and much more boldly.

And with this last whistle an amazing thing happened- the whistle incited the sun to send out a warm burst!

make it rain- sun

Then she thought, what of the rain?  Thinking of rain and letting out a whistle, droplets poured softly down for a moment.


What of a pleasant breeze?  – yes, her whistle invited the wind to freshen the faces of  everyone in the land.

make it rain- breeze

Yes, Priscilla DOES belong there…

and so do you.

Dare to take a trip and enroll in Talent School… and you shall see.



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