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A manifesting technique that most people do not yet know about is called Pray Rain Journaling.  It takes one into the now and gets real really fast when it is also infused with emotion- a critical key to manifest.

The True Story:

Stepping out onto the dry earth, the wise Native American smelled the rain in the air, he felt the rain collecting under his toes, he tasted raindrops on his tongue, he felt the shoulder high corn brushing against his shoulder (growing from the rain).  It was done.  The drought was over and soon came the flood.

Gregg Braden coined the phrase, Praying Rain, after witnessing the near magical manifesting scene above.  The difference is in omitting one tiny word. That word is “for”.  The massive disparity in “Praying Rain ” and “Praying for Rain” is what his friend taught him about manifesting.

The Key:

Praying FOR Rain is praying with the lack of still in mind. The energy is in the lack, the need- a low vibration. While Praying Rain is using imagination to already be in the rain, like a quantum leap. This vibration held IS the rain and will manifest it.

How to Pray Rain Journal:

To Pray Rain Journal hold the thing you want strongly in mind and body as the manifesting Native American man did.  FEEL the thing you want then WRITE IT DOWN.

The Bigger Picture:

It works when it is in accordance with your highest good and you are living in a way to receive it. Because it is not in the mere doing, but always in the being.

This manifesting technique is genius, when you look for all the gifts.  One: It works for you. Or Two: You realize maybe you do not want that after all. (Whew) Or Three: You struggle to feel it or it seems to take too long so you give up on it.

The Hidden Gift to Manifesting:

If you are in group Three, have gratitude to find out where it is you want to next focus in your life, i.e, learning to live in the now, patience, perseverance, belief… The gift is always there. Congratulations! You manifested EXACTLY what you needed.  Pray Rain Journal and manifest that!  Rare and blessed is the person who sees that purpose and opportunity is in all things.

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