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Making your own roller bottles with essential oils is fast and fun!  Simply fill with these recommended amounts of essential oil, then fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil.  Voila!  You now have a convenient, effective and scientifically solid way to apply essential oils to you and your kids.

Just roll your roller bottle with few swipes on the soles of the feet, tummy, back of the neck, behind the ears, or target a body part for sore joints or muscles. You are a pro!

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends for Kids

Nighty Night My Little One Blend
15 drops lavender
10 drops serenity
5 drops roman chamomile

Ouch!  (cuts, scrapes, bug bites, etc) Blend
10 drops lavender
6 drops of melaleuca
(Apply on effected area.)

Wide Awake! Blend
10 drops peppermint
10 drops wild orange

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends for Adults

De-Stress Blend
18 drops balance
18 drops serenity
18 drops lavender
18 drops grapefruit or citrus bliss
4 drops wild orange

Peaceful Day Blend
6 drops sandalwood
6 drops ylang ylang
6 drops cypress
6 drops bergamot
6 drops black pepper

Grounding Blend
2 drops patchouli
2 drops vetiver
2 drops lime
20 drops balance
20 drops lavender

Upset Stomach Blend
10 drops peppermint
10 drops ginger
(or you can use a pre-made blend like doTerra Digestzen)

Good Night Blend
4 drops marjoram
10 drops frankincense
10 drops bergamot
12 drops roman chamomile
12 drops vetiver
15 drops lavender
10 drops cedarwood

Natural “Morphine” for Adults
30 drops marjoram
30 drops lemongrass
30 drops frankincense
(Also great internally- 3 drops each)

Sore Muscles Blend
10 drops peppermint
6 drops clove
10 drops wintergreen
6 drops black pepper
(Massage in)

Body Aches Blend
10 drops eucalyptus
10 drops lavender
10 drops doTerra DeepBlue

Wide Awake Blend
30 drops lemon
8 drops eucalyptus
6 drops peppermint
2 drops cinnamon

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