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There is an old parable from the Indian subcontinent of 4 blind men.  Each one is each trying to find out what an elephant look like. By touching a different part of the body of the elephant, some the tail, some the toes, some the trunk, and some the belly.  As a result of this each man describes what as elephant is very differently.

Wikipedia says this about the parable: “the parable implies that one’s subjective experience can be true, but that such experience is inherently limited by its failure to account for other truths or a totality of truth.

However, truth must be in totality. Yes the elephant has a tail, but so do many other animals.  A tail does not constitute any real truth about an elephant, any more than it would about a cat or a cow.  The truth of the animal can only be found in observing and experiencing the entire animal.

Further, just because one knows the anatomy of an elephant does not mean it knows the behaviors, lineage, or nuances of the animal. Not to mention the energetic rhythm or Gods grand purpose for it’s creation.

There is great danger in judgement, opinion, and subjectivity because this immediately closes us off to the truth. And the whole truth is never attainable in our limited abilities as humans to discover everything there is.

Staying objective and grounded, keeping an open, humble and curious mind and knowing that there is ALWAYS more we do not know is the key to staying in the path to discovering truth.  This in itself would erase pain, prejudice and promote peace, invention, and thriving human relationships.

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