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Where is enthusiasm found? I mean reeeaaal enthusiasm. Not the kind of impulsive roaring from the guy next to you at a Broncos game, or when a woman proudly shares her news of finding just the shoes she was looking for on 75% discount.

Nor do I mean the brand of surface passion that says,”I can do it!”… until there is enough disappointment or discouragement that one finally hears apathy yelling louder than verve.

I mean the vehemence that gets you out of bed on a morning when you had only 4 hours of sleep with darkness and bitter coldness blanketing the neighborhood and you know it will still take 30 minutes to scrape the ice off your car windows- yet all you see is greatness in the day ahead.  The driving eagerness that persists even after working 60 hours a week for the last 5 months and you have yet to see a paycheck or your most promising business associate tells you she “doesn’t think this is right for her anymore”- yet your spirit only sees this as a neutral event that is making room for a grander potential in the next winner who comes along.

I also mean the kind of enthusiasm that motivates you  when you have every material thing in the world  you could ever want, but feel this “thing” arousing your senses. Like a fire sweltering from  from inside you that is more powerful than you can describe, energizing you to embark on the impossible, even the grossly unfamiliar.

Where is this zest found and why do so few possess it?

It comes down to aligning your world within with a Definite Main Purpose that serves you, all others and the Divine Source that created the universe (known as God to many). Then choosing to cast away all negative thoughts and inviting only love for all of humanity to dominate your mind and heart.

My experience this week has been profound.  Each time I read my Definite Major Purpose, the Blue Print Builder, the Scroll and the rest of the material out loud (in my back yard) with gusto, FAITH, and belief, I feel something deep happening. It is like I can sense my subconscious mind and literally my DNA changing, morphing, and vibrating at a higher level. I KNOW this is working. I KNOW I am becoming more self-reliant. I KNOW I am stepping forward to becoming that person in the future I see in my mind.

The  concept of writing a Definite Major Purpose, reading it aloud along with other great subconscious mind  re-programmers is missed by the majority. If a soul is fortunate enough to come across this great secret, most lack the faith in its simplicity. They choose sloth, fear or cynicism- the enemies to success.

I anticipate with eagerness each day as I envision the success that is coming towards me. I DEMAND of myself to be zealous in my focus to attain my Definite Major Purpose in life. I refuse to have the optional future of looking back at a half-hearted attempt at life.

I choose faith and right action and I always keep my promises. (By the way, I love saying that- it’s genius).

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