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A distant piece, a segment, a bit

Long since removed to a guarded place.

A barrier once created to relieve the load.

An arrangement for an allocated time.


Newly discovered for the reconnect.

Recovered, retrieved, reclaimed.

Providing a more powerful force for the DEFINITE AIM.

Providing MORE OF ME.

more of me post 3

I tried to write a couple of times before. Actually wanting to make it humorous this week  and not write in prose or poetry form 😉  My creative mind was staring back at me like a deer in head lights. So I had to put it down.

Then I had a powerful, life changing, spiritual experience of feeling an old, hurt, scared piece of me beckon to be returned.  “She” was young and stuck and ready to come back. I actually felt the shift.

I can already see that I have changed. I am THRILLED to start moving forward in my ambitions with more strength, more creativity, more vitality, and literally… MORE OF ME.




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