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A flickering memory, a forgotten FEELING

Moments covered by time.

A dusty box shined and REOPENED

At first only the essence, then slowly taking form

DIVINELY ESCORTED to the surface to serve your grand design.

Once past, but NOW immediate

Before finished, NOW just beginning

Clearly recognizing the LESSON TO BE GAINED- the significance before unknown

What is sublimely and eternally CONNECTED in SPIRIT,  is often only brief in physical terms.

A SOUL CONNECTION-  an old friend, a GIFT.


We all have key people that come in and out of our lives that teach us vital lessons we need to learn about ourselves. The roles they play vary greatly, but the impact is always perfect.

My lesson finally gained this week wasn’t easy to go through , but is gratefully received.  I added to my Definite Major Purpose- let the FULLNESS and truth of who I really am shine.

Sounds simple, but the LEVEL of the lesson is profound. I am harnessing key moments, reliving them in my heart and mind in full color and full emotion- then taking the risk and letting my soul shine out.

ballet 3

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