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What cyclic experience do  we ALL go through?  Shaping us into the people we are destined to be?

Molding our Spirits,

Quickening our Minds,

Strengthening our Resolve?

And what do we have in common with Harry Potter,  Katniss Everdeen, and Frodo?

It is what Joseph Campell coined The Hero’s Journey

5 Basic Steps:

Leaving the Mundane World-

The Hero is tired of his world and has no more desire to be there. In other words, LIFE BECOMES BORING, or a the very least mundane.  A sense of UN-fulfillment nags his soul and he begins looking for something more. “There MUST be more to life than this!”

Heros Journey Bored

Call to Adventure-

The Hero knows there is something out there and finds it. A new path is illuminated, excitement ensues!

Heros Journey Call Adventure

Crossing the Threshold-

Every Hero crosses the threshold and steps in to his new world.  Leaving the known, leaving the mundane and TAKING THE RISK!

Heros Journey Crossing Threshold

Path of Trials-

Learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, overcoming challenges, finding new and wiser mentors, meeting new people- this is the deep stuff.  The Hero is pulled and stretched in ways he never thought possible!  Bruises and bumps can happen along the way- but insignificant to the growth attained! Now THIS IS REALLY LIVING!

One grows in direct proportion to the amount of risk he or she is willing to make and the amount of work he or she is willing to put in.

Heros Journey Path of Trials

Master of Two Worlds-

The Hero has arrived! She steps back in to her old world, bringing new knowledge and wisdom for all.  Peace, strength, deeper happiness, higher sense of self and a step closer to her true identity.  The fruits of her labors are realized!

Heros Journey Master

Then, she takes a look and is ready for another round.



We are all our own Heroes… What is your story?

Heros Journey Master 2

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