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Do you have your Rock Star on?

That person…

that essence deep inside you

that is wailing to be heard. Drumming inside your head and won’t go away.  Leaving your ears ringing.  Showing you- in bright lights- what is just a wee bit off (or a lot off)  each time you don’t hit the chord right. The chord and vibration that is unique to you and ONLY YOU.

Yeah, that.

Do you have that on?

Do you know who she is?… and do you know how to find her? Does it scare the bejeebers out of  you to let her start singing?

Because once she does,  life really starts happening and you have to be ready to take success, take the applause, and stand on the stage that was built for you and ONLY YOU.

You have to be ready to take that groovy dose of Rock Star.

Those who have found their Rock Star have found their PPNs-  Personal Pivotal Needs. They took a quantum leap and stepped out of  the sycophant masses of the audience to listen to the vibration sounding  just for them.

Mark J. taught an astoundingly simple, yet profoundly effective method to find YOUR  PPNs- not what you think they “should” be or what your friends tell you they are so you are the most adorable-

but what they really are.

I am flabbergasted at how this method works. My PPNs are Legacy and Autonomy.

This week I have already seen, on a deep  level, how these play in my life!

Blue rectangles and index cards, Blue Print Builder, Scroll I, The Master Key, 15 minutes of stillness, the pursuit of Legacy and Autonomy, along with a kick’n Definite Major Purpose  (thank you, Brad Holliday) will give me (and you) that groovy dose of Rock Star-

beginning to taste it.



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