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I have been on an earnest pursuit to peeling back the superimposed layers of years of unknowingly allowing my my true feelings, my true thoughts, my true Self to be masked. Not wanting to “make a mistake”- not wanting to be hurt if someone else misunderstands where I am coming from and ultimately rejects the idea (or me).

For much of my life I didn’t even know how I felt! I lived primarily in my head, even though I am considered artistic, warm,  out-outgoing and approachable.  That led to my inability to communicate my most deep feelings, to myself or anyone else.  In our first year of marriage, my ever-patient and loving husband would sit with me for 4 hours to help me be able to say one sentence of what was going on inside.  It humbles me to think of that.


The Masterkeys,  deep meditation, spiritual path work, and LETTING GO has led me to personal revelations and the understanding of universal truths past anything I thought possible.  My entire paradigm will never be the same. I will never be the same.  I yearn for even more!

This is officially the most personal thing I have written. This kind of conversation once reserved for only the closest of friends. I think that reveals to me my progress.


I encourage you to read the from the article/ link below as quantum physics is an insatiably intoxicating topic.

“The FEELING WITHIN is the most powerful as it is how we truly come to know ourselves. Something within us allows an inner evolution to become possible. Something within us pushes for growth; something within us broke free of the order to disorder cycle. Something within us allows a physical body to feel an intangible realm. When we get in touch with that FEELING WITHIN we have access to such a creative force that suddenly all doors open and anything becomes possible. It’s not as simple as focusing the mind on a desired outcome, it requires the focus of the entire being and a heartfelt commitment to walk a path of love and trust.

“… In essence the path of fear versus the path of love...”




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