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Being and knowing are mutually exclusive. A successful person who is grounded, balanced and living in trust has more energy to give to other people, produce more creatively and become magnetic for others. They are happy and don’t need to constantly know because they just are.

The need to know everything is caused by living in a state of unrest, fear, disconnect and imbalance. The brain becomes a hungry monster that can never be satiated blocking the more intelligent part of us –our spirit, deepest wisdom, inner-self– however one prefers to coin our essence.

The need to know also deters bigger unseen opportunities in our careers or relationships from coming our way. We are expending energy on things that we do not need to know often missing the bigger picture altogether.

All we need to be happy and successful is already inside us, everyone of us. It is there waiting for us to recognize our own greatness. THAT is all we need to know.

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